Saturday, November 6, 2010


Nothing new
about new moon-
surrounding me,
engulfing me in nothing

Who am I
to break the cycle?
can I never
full circle
without a half ass attempt?
I am not telling
anyone's guess.

I feel like the world
can be under my wing;
everything can be distracting,
I don't want to retract
the queen of everything.

A courtly group
staring me in the face
without so much as a glimpse
into the past
or really even the future-
just a quick slap in the face.
I am faced with a struggle
more sinister than you know;
no matter how I look at it
I am in the undertow.
The surf is surrounding me,
engulfing me
until I am totally under

Yet I can breathe-
I can even see
the little markings left behind
by all the rest of the worlds
leaving a trace
of what is to come-
without a place
to covertly hide

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