Sunday, July 21, 2013


I feel so alone.

You would object,
Saying god is always with me
A part of me
Yet I can't recall her ever
Paying the bills
Scrubbing the floors
Doing laundry
Or feeding the children
Reading bedtime stories
Or singing until the tears stopped
I am alone on this journey
Even as a part of god and the universe
It is my life to live

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Inside my mind
Im a tempting vixen
Grasping the staff of love
With both hands
And making eyes 
At all the other kittens

But my reality lies
In a tiny bed 
full of teddy bears 
and bedtime stories
Kissing boo boos 
and wiping noses
Singing away the tears
And rocking bad dreams 
back to sleep

Though I like to dress up
Wear the crown of seductress
And mother's apron
I am nothing more 
than the little girl 
Silently crying in the dark
Wishing on a star
To make everything all better