Friday, November 26, 2010


The Universe is on my side today. 
Not only did I find my lost earring-
my favorite pair,
which I thought was forever doomed to be unworn
simply because I have two ears-
but fate also smiled on me enough to keep the car running-
dash lights on,
power steering out,
all these funny clunking and squealing sounds-
all the way until I turned the corner and had to roll up into the driveway,
using the last bit of momentum left in the wheels to inch into the garage. 
Sometimes life can be good, even when you think it is mediocre at best.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Nothing new
about new moon-
surrounding me,
engulfing me in nothing

Who am I
to break the cycle?
can I never
full circle
without a half ass attempt?
I am not telling
anyone's guess.

I feel like the world
can be under my wing;
everything can be distracting,
I don't want to retract
the queen of everything.

A courtly group
staring me in the face
without so much as a glimpse
into the past
or really even the future-
just a quick slap in the face.
I am faced with a struggle
more sinister than you know;
no matter how I look at it
I am in the undertow.
The surf is surrounding me,
engulfing me
until I am totally under

Yet I can breathe-
I can even see
the little markings left behind
by all the rest of the worlds
leaving a trace
of what is to come-
without a place
to covertly hide