Wednesday, March 25, 2015


suddenly I can fly
above the trees
through the clouds
drifting into space
watching as the earth comes into view
from above
everything looks so peaceful
but then I fall
slowly at first
then faster
rushing through the atmosphere
crashing toward the cold hard reality
and then
a moment before my certain demise
I wake
nothing but a dream
what was I afraid of?

Fear is like that
starting as a thought
a fascination
a beautiful desire
then crashing headlong to disaster
but what if we let go
allow our selves to fly
to fall
to soar or glide or slip or tumble
to be ourselves
and instead of doom
we found peace
free from fear
finding the beauty at the center
the love
that is all

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Silent Muses

Silence is a treasure
wrapped in simpleness
powerful beyond measure
yet fragile as a drop of dew
dangling from a wisp of grass
in the gentle morning sun
a whisper breathes your name
and silence is gone
the same as it came


Where do we find silence
in a world of engines
devices and violence?
Where do we look to hear the still small voice?
What if a world full of silence could still be a choice?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Two years in 56 lines

Who knows the meaning of life
What is there to know
When everything is falling apart
Where we think we exist
Why even bother to ask
How it became this way
Used to be a sacred word for me
Now I laugh
And the whole universe laughs
Midnight Asana
Becoming a tree or dog
Breath creates balance
I adore the sound of the rain
Gently drumming out a melody
On the rooftop as I lay
Warm and comfortable
Under a pile of blankets
Washing away my fears
And the toils of the day
September sunshine
Leaves me sleepy
Satisfied to lie on the grass
Close my eyes and dream of you
And green fields and rolling hills
The summers of my childhood
Only a shadow of memory now
But still at my heart center
Waiting to call me home
Some sleepy September day
I watch you sleep.
Tiny arms wrap around my neck-
Those small hands soon to be strong,
This moment, too soon a memory,
Wrapped in sweet longing
For these days that I spend
Long hours to make the rent.
I watch you march
Single file into the schoolhouse-
Enormous colorful packs
Make you look so big,
And yet so small.
This moment, tugging on my heart
Like a toddler tugs his mothers dress
And hides in her skirts
Pretending he can elude
The inevitability of time,
Time and time again.
From the darkest dankest mud
The delicate lotus emerges-
Reaching for the light.
Delicate petals only appear so
On the surface;
The struggle to survive,
To grow,
Lights the way to love and life.