Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My first thought upon waking was, something's wrong!

As my mind cleared, I realized my hands were bound and I was lying on cold concrete, completely naked! I tried to remember what had happened before blacking out, but all I could recall was having a drink with the handsome stranger who had referred to himself as Adam.

The steel door opened with a squeal. Adam strode in, his face covered in shadow, but his sturdy build gave away his identity. He had something in his hand. Was it... no, it couldn't be... yes, it was an ax! No, please, don't!......

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I stare in wonder at a web page,
created by a friend from so long ago
it seems almost a dream now,
but I will never forget his long, soft brown hair
hanging to his belt-line
like a tempting veil, waiting to be touched.
Now, so many years later,
he is across the world
living his dream
and here I am waiting
for someone I can feel to come
and sit right in front of me,
someone I can call a friend
and more, a lover, a gift.
This time I will not let him go;
this time I will reach out
and tell him to turn around
and see me, for who I am.
I am now more than I ever was,
although I feel empty
without a partner who will share my dreams.